Meeting With My Best Friends ♥

Hey guys,

I am really happy today because I met my best friends from high school whole day. On Monday (tomorrow O_o), I will begin my industrial training for college and meeting with my best friends made me happy and relax. This was an amazing day with them although the weather was so hot. We laughed, talked, ate, drank and again laughed more. \(^O^)/

I love this photograph, because we created a new style of sun glasses fashion. We proud of ourself and that looks enjoyable and funny, doesn’t it? \(`▽´)/

That was my plate which looks delicious and taste was delicious too.

Other plates also looks delicious.
yumm yumm yumm! ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

After a lunch, smiley faces and hearts everywhere. (^ ⌣ ^) & ♥

She is my best friend in the world. “Best friend” is not enough for our friendship. She is like my sister, my twin. I love this photograph and want to share with you. ٩(×⌣×)۶

I hope you have wonderful friendships like mine. I love my whole friends and I cannot think my life without them. I know the importance of having good friendship and I guess I am really lucky about it. I have lots of friends and love them but don’t envy them! I love you so much, too. ƪ(♥o♥)ʃ

Happy and sparkling Sunday!




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