New Adventure: TAI Internship

For a while, I couldn’t send any post because of my industrial training project is my school project during a spring semester. This project involve a long-term internship must be at companies’ IT department.

IMG_20140206_221535I got acceptance from Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. called TAI after an excited interview process. About one and half month, I am working at Department of IT of TAI as a corporate software developer who I am developing console applications by Java programming language.

As understand you, TAI is one of the biggest company and leader in an aviation and aerospace industies in Turkey. Another name of TAI is Turkish Aircraft Industries Corporation (TUSAS), was established on June 28, 1973 under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to reduce the foreign dependency in defense industry in Turkey. For more information you can check TAI’s official website.


Now after some definitions I can tell about my internship process and first real work experiennce in TAI. I must confess, real life is harder than school life which I miss my college life so much. Waking up early, coming a long long way from home, limited time for break, managing time of project, coding crazy , reporting to chef and many moreā€¦

Everyday, I wake up very early and way to travel almost 120km including roundtrip. Because of that I cannot do breakfast at home and I try to eat more healthy food but most of time I have limited choice for eating something.

TAI has a high security level because of external attacks and illegal information transfers so, I cannot share private information, photographs from plane or system of TAI. 2 weeks ago, Airbus A300-600ST called Beluga visited us at TAI and of course I took a selfie with it but because of TAI’s procedures I cannot share it with you from here. In addition, if you are following my Instagram page, you can see it.

IMG_20140228_202940No matter what, I am really happy to join this experience with my friends from my department. At the same time I met many people from aircraf industry and learn many things from them.

In 28 February, all staff of TAI made an organisation for awareness of World Rare Disease Day. We wore blue ribbons and support this day for all patients. TAI give importance all of these special days and effort to make organisations.

I want to share more information and my activities from TAI but I know that nobody cannot break the rules especially if you work in a real and professional places.

Take care of yourself and promise to see you ASAP!



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