Welcome 2015, Welcome Back Blogging

Hi everyone,

I know, I could not write anything for a long time. This year I am a senior student and playing my last game at my collage. During this process, I felt really exhausted because of my senior project, 7 courses’ homework, individual and team projects and of course exams. I could not remember which time I was powerful and healthy, I guess every time I was sick and tired this semester.

Never mind! Now, I am here and still alive.  I was not a good warrior but God knows, I tried to do my best. Today, I gave a break for a while. Let’s celebrate the end of fall semester…

At this point I want to announce my new decision for this blog. I will continue to write in English but some parts and post will be in Turkish. The important reason my Turkish followers who do not know English very well, they do not understand my posts easily. Another reason is, Turkish is my native language and I think that I will describe myself clear when I use Turkish words, but do not worry, nothing will change.

Finally, I want to say thank you to my visitors along I was not here. I looked at my visit’s statistics that made me happy and is a good reason to turn back… Happy 2015 to all… Please 2015 makes our dreams come true.


p.s. Today I and my teammate finished our thesis of senior project and I want to share my first survey thesis with you, is my proud. It shows my whole effort this semester. For all supporters…



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