Three Simple Things To Handle Pressure Job Interviews

There is only one semester for me to being a person of real life or in other words business life. So, I think that I should begin to write about my career perspective in Career tag. Let’s begin my first post under Career tag. In this post, I will focus on the first job interview for newly graduated. Why do our first interview have to be terrible? Due to three things, eveything gonna be fine.

Number 1: Be Look Professional!


Not like this!

I think that nobody can be professional totally. Come on! We are not robot. Of course, there must be a period of life which we act with using our emotions. Okey, we will be newly graduated or we are, but it does not mean we cannot looking as a professional. How? The answer is easy: Asking questions more than them. For asking more question about position and the company, you should know some information about them, so you have to prepare yourself before interview. Believe me it will show you more professional and when the control of interview in your hand, you will become relax more.

Number 2: Be An Actor/Actress Yourself!

Like this!

The easiest thing in the world: Being yourself. I am sure a person who is opposite side force to you during interiew. S/he will talk about the hardest parts of the position or companies rules. Do not worry. Take a breathe and imagine that this person is your friend. S/he is not monster and this interiew is not your final challenge. Do not say anything wrong about you. If you do not know how to speak French or German, tell him/her. (I have a funny story about this situation, maybe one day I can tell to you) Already, If they want to hire you, they will ignore those details.

Number 3: Be Sure Of Yourself Your Decisions!

There is an idea: If you have any doubt about your skills or performance, you already should not apply job. But the thing is not about you, it’s about your decisions: Do you want this job or not? We cannot sure about our skills and performance totally without trying but we can sure that what we want. Let me give an example, in my first interview which the company wanted to hire php developer and they called me for this position. Yes you understood right. I did not apply before, they found my CV on my collage database. I do not know anything about the company and the position requirements or am I suitable or not for this position, however; I accepted the invitation. I knew, I do not want to be php developer but I accepted the interview. Why? Because I want to see what is an interview, how it looks like. I gave my decision but it does not an obstacle for accepting interview. The surprise thing was that the company and their opportunities was really good. (I must confess, it surprised me and If I did not sure my decision totally, those opportunites could mix up my mind.) I gave my decision and I knew result of the interview so, it made me more relax during the interview. When you relax, you can introduce your idea clearly. By the way, after the interview, they called me back and they offered this position to me one more time. To sum up, there is nothing wrong to attend any interview even you are not interested or you are not sure your abilities totally. But if you have any confusion about your decision you should make up your mind according to your desires and interests.


There is always a way to go, just make up your mind!

I hope this post come in handly for you.. I will write this post in Turkish. If you have any question or advice to me, please do not hesitate to leave comment below. See you on next post…


source: my old job interview experiences :)


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