New Adventure: TAI Internship

For a while, I couldn’t send any post because of my industrial training project is my school project during a spring semester. This project involve a long-term internship must be at companies’ IT department. (more…)


Welcome To The World Our Babygirl, Zehra! ♥

Hey everyone,

Today was really beautiful day for me because I and my friends visited our class friend, Ayşenur & her newborn babygirl who name is Zehra. \(^O^)/ She is so little and beautiful I have seen ever! Ayşenur is older than us and this is her first time to have a baby. Of course, this was my first time to visit of newborn baby, too. So, I was really excited. In our tradition, when there is a newborn baby, parents serve “lohusa şerbeti”, a plate of pies and baby candies. So, I drank lohusa şerbeti first. ~(˘⌣˘)~

This is a “lohusa şerbeti” & baby candies. ƪ(◦’⌣’◦ )ʃ

My first baby candiessss! I really love them & of course I’ll keep them. ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Really delicious.. Especially, red beet salad which was made by Ayşenur’s mother. yum yum yumm (ˆڡˆ)

And finallyy.. Our little & beautiful babygirl, Zehra, welcome to the world. I hope you have a beautiful life with your parent like your beautiful face. Don’t forget we’re your aunt at that time(ɔ˘⌣˘(˘⌣˘ c)

I can’t share her whole photograph because we believe in the evil eye. ( ˘ з˘ )