Proof of Study!

Time is 1.15 a.m. in here and I am still studying for my “Operating Systems Midterm” which is on Monday morning. I have 5 slides, more than hundred pages. They are too much and I have to know everything about operating systems. Some of my notes are here! God, give me patience, please!!!

That is exactly my “WORLD” !! ( •͡˘˛˘ •͡)

Did you see my little, poor “client” who was smaller than chair and computer? (°˛°   )

Wow wow woow! What do you think about my drawing? “The mainframe systems” cannot draw better than it!  I know I am a big talent who is waiting to be discovered!!! (๏̯͡๏ )

Tweetyyyyy! Help me! ( ˘͡๏๏˘͡)

What a beautiful mechanism I’ve ever seen! (~_~;)

To sum up, I need more coffee, because I’ll never give up!! Let’s say welcome to “beautiful Sunday morning” ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ