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Goodbye Campus Life..

“Sometimes goodbye is a second chance…” I really love this song which is right and tells
everything in my mind. I said goodbye to my university campus this week. I don’t like valediction, never ever! There was not enough words to say at that time while I was my best place of the campus, this corner…

I don’t know how many kilometers did I walk around boundaries of campus. Alone or with lots of friends? How many times did I pass near by this pool?

Here is my motivation pool. When I tired of studying, I sit one of bench and thought…

Wish tree, please make me happy!…
Can you see me? I am a little girl in a huge campus.. It reminds “Englishman In New York” to me.

In this photograph, I guess I tried to get to class in time.. Hurry up B!!!

And lots of things more…

I’ll never forget all of them and remember with a good memories of my campus life… Now I can take a step to beginning of my new life. Moreover, I’ll have a first job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck..

Hope you all had a happy and restful holiday!




Our Student Chapter Dinner

Here we are again! I hope you are fine. I couldn’t say I am fine because of the final exams. I am really tired to study but there is something good happens in my life. I and my BILWIC team were at dinner recently. I can’t remember am I tell about BILWIC (Bilkent University Women in Computing) which is a student chapter, work for women in computing. This is an international student chapter depends on ACM-W and I am a chairman of this student chapter this year.

This photograph was from our end of semester dinner with whole boards of directors. We talked about what we did during this year and discuss about what we can do next semester. Meeting was so beneficial and enjoyable for us. I will leave my position of chairman because of graduating college next semester so, we’ll choose another member for this job. I hope, we will do many successful organizations next semester.  I had really sweet tired when I work in BILWIC. I learned being team, working together, managing organizations and time, being good at planing, thinking like leader etc. but I learned most important thing, being family in there. I will continue to support this beautiful student chapter next semester too. But first of all, I need to take a rest for a while after the final exams finish.

See you soon..